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Summer Camp 2024 Registration

One-week sessions, certified teachers! 

Summer Camp

Four Summer Camp themes 2024  

Make a mess at our camp, not your kitchen!


Daring Designs: Create and Build

Build a tiny circus performer, design a winged creature, construct with thousands of Legos, cook s'mores in a solar oven, and take home your own Hex Bug! 

lantern group_edited.png

Maker's Mania: Technology and Art

Design homemade lanterns, construct a movable-hinge dragon, direct a shadow puppet theater, build a Harry Potter wand, use robots to create art, and much more! 


Radical Reactions: Mix it, Blast it!     

This camp is all about producing chemical chaos and exploring eye-popping physics in a safe, controlled environment. Erupt a vinegar concoction, make and eat homemade ice cream, hydrate Orbeez polymers, dissect (clean!) diapers, fabricate Q-tip crossbows, blast Alka-rockets, and construct domino contraptions.

Mentos & Diet Coke_edited.jpg

Summer Science: SOF Favorites

Classic SOF summer camp favorites all rolled into one week of exciting, hands-on fun: Mentos and Diet Coke, milk swirls, giant bubbles, and catapults. Wrap up the week with homemade ice cream and relay races!


Engaged Kids = Happy Parents

Hello Kris, I wanted to thank you and the team for a wonderful experience last week at Daring Designs. My son has had a rough year of bullying and last week was the first time he came away from "school" calm, happy, and peaceful inside in months. We are very grateful to you and the team for your guidance, expertise, and classroom control. His experience speaks to me of professionalism and the benefits of expertise.  He also brought home the coolest items! We all love them! If you do have any spaces or last-minute cancellations for any of the camps below, please do let me know. We'd love to join more this year, and we will be signing up early for Summer 2023. 


Our Location

611 Medlock Rd Decatur, GA 30033

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